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DriftBoss™ Tabletop RC Drift Car

DriftBoss™ Tabletop RC Drift Car

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DriftBoss™ Tabletop RC Drfit Car 🏎💨

Turn any space into an exciting drifting playground! Transform everyday surroundings into thrilling drift tracks. Set it up in the kitchen, on the table, around your meal, or even create a small drift run next to your keyboard. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the excitement of drifting wherever you go!


Conquer any terrain with our compact cars, allowing you to slide like a professional wherever you venture. Experience the freedom to showcase your drifting skills with DriftBoss™, turning the world into your personal racetrack. Every moment becomes an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the art of drifting.

Embrace the timing and rhythm of drifting in perfect harmony!

Every kit includes a P31P Remote control equipped with various tuning options…

Adjust your DriftBoss's steering and throttle sensitivities to match the track requirements.

...or have some fun experimenting with the gyro sensor traction control to achieve those perfect sideways drifts.

What does it contain?

With its array of unique mechanisms, DriftBoss™ sets itself apart by offering an exceptional RC experience at a 1/76 scale, focused on the art of drifting.

Gyroscopic Steering Stabilization

This system provides precise counter-steering to prevent spin-outs, with adjustable tuning options available through the remote control. When fully activated, drifting becomes more manageable, although maneuvering through tight corners may be slightly compromised. On the other hand, deactivating the system allows for full throttle control and manual counter-steering, providing optimal control for whipping the car through tight corners.

Metallic Slide Tires

DriftBoss™ comes with sleek metal drift tires that not only provide the car with added weight but also enable it to smoothly drift through turns. This elevates the level of skill required from the driver, but the unparalleled satisfaction of executing a flawless corner exit is incomparable.

Complete Proportional Steering Capability

In drifting, sensitivity is crucial, which is why DriftBoss™ employs a fully proportional steering setup. This enables the driver to make precise micro-adjustments during the drift, ensuring smoothness and maintaining optimal velocity.


Personalize the appearance of your DriftBoss™ with two additional customizable body options. Unleash your creativity and showcase your individuality through your own distinct design... And for those seeking in-depth drift insights, delve into the complimentary Drift Maxxing Guide, packed with valuable details and tips.

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