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Vapor Slide Drift RC Car

Vapor Slide Drift RC Car

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Original RC Drift Car 🏎💨

Experience the exhilaration of converting any space into a thrilling drifting playground!

Unleash your imagination and turn the entire world into your personal racetrack. Transform your kitchen, table, or even create a miniature drift course beside your keyboard. The possibilities are endless for excitement and fun!



With drift tires and a throttle that offers full proportional control, you'll have complete mastery at your fingertips. The experience not only captures the precise sensation but also embodies an impressive aesthetic...


Vapor Drift Exhaust System

A game-changing creation. Our Vapor Drift Exhaust System offers a distinctive mechanism enabling the addition of water, effectively emulating a genuine exhaust system. The visual impact is astounding and significantly enhances the drifting experience.


Drift it your own way !

Seeking ultimate speed? Use the provided wrench to interchange the tires. Equipped with high-traction tires, the Vapor Slide can achieve speeds exceeding 11 MPH, while the robust Impact Body is prepared to endure any challenges you throw its way.


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